Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today At Work I Was Checking Out The Available WiFi Networks And Saw This

Imperial Troops Celebrate The Repeal Of DADT

New Third World Assault Vehicle

This Happens To Me Every Day

Awesome Pool Table

The Great Hungarian Inventor Qwert Yuiop

Retro iPhone Accessory


Shark Surfing

Definitely Not Texas

He wouldn't do that with the centipedes we have around here, that last one I killed was 7" long.

Thank God For The Sunroof

Girls N Guns

Cottage Cheese Yum

High Tech Gadgets Of The 70's

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Accident Free

The Camel Toe Queen

Lord Vader Found A New Job

Is That A Penis!?

That Looks Painful

Mother Of The Year

Oh for fucks sake at least clean off the fucking mirror! That's fucking disgusting.

Back Off Human, It's Mine!

He Seems Legit

Girls N Guns

The Rebel Alliance Has Good Recruiting