Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chuck Of The Day

Zombie Spock

Rebel Alliance Awards Ceremony

Danger, Zombies

I Want To Be Batman

Awesome Car Security System

Silence Of The Lambs Puppy

Umbrella Corporation Has Some Sweet Trucks

Heavily Armed Wheelchair

Safety First

Girls N Guns

This Is Just Sad

Has our society sunk so low that simple grammar and punctuation elude us?

Imperial Recruiting Poster

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chuck Of The Day

Chuck fact of the day: Chuck Norris hates kittens.

Mr And Mrs Vader

Rock On!

This Can Only Go Bad

As much as laptops cost I wouldn't take a chance on fucking it up like this.

Cuddly Friday The 13th Jason Doll

Back To The Future Stars 25 Years Later

A Pink Dolphin?

Corn Maze For Blondes

Super Loud Alarm Clock

Girls N Guns

The Banana

Bodyguard Cat Takes A Bullet

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chuck Of The Day

Does A Bear Shit In The Woods

Zombie Trooper

Pumpkin Wars

Do It Yourself Tailgate Repair

He could have at least trimmed it down level with the bed, lazy fuck.

Tech Support

Looks Like Obama Got A Ticket In Philly

Probably Shouldn't Have Let The Fat Guy Sit In The Back

Do It Yourself Armor

Proud Cowboys Fans

Some Serious Foot Odor


The '70's Fashions Were Awesome

I love the pimp hat, it goes so well with the yellow pants.

Batman Saves The Day

I always thought they looked more like Ninjas.

Ladies, If You Want Your Husband To Vacuum The House, Get Him One Of These

Glade PlugIns For Men

Gruesome Halloween Costume

Gotta admit, that's a pretty good idea for a costume.

Top 10 Things To Remember To Survive A Zombie Attack

"I'm Batman"