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Thursday, May 27, 2010

George Bush Billboard On I-35 Near Waco

I saw this today on I-35 southbound by the Carl's Corner exit just north of Waco.


  1. Only in Texas can this be appreciated. I LOVE IT!!!!! God Bless America and all those who defend her!!!!

    T.T. from San Antone

  2. Saw it this weekend. LOVED it.

  3. I am from Texas and proud of it. Now living in FL and very aware of the political and big oil lies which transend all party lines and have been in the making for decades. Clever billboard. However, I would suggest that if anyone wants to see how all of our politicians are the same (regardless of party) watch on You Tube "The Obama Deception". We all need to pay attention to what is happening today because the future of our country and our way of life is headed the way of the Gulf of Mexico! (driving a converted diesel on veggie oil and trying to do my part, please do yours)

  4. I love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. I laugh every time I pass it.

  6. Yeah i miss him like i would a dose of the claps

  7. 4th generation Texas woman here, age 61.

    This billboard makes me ashamed to be a Texan.

    I used to believe most Texans had a great deal of common sense, but based on the mentality of whoever posts these ridiculous billboards around Texas (one I saw on the way to Port Aransas on I35 a couple weeks ago said "Socialist by Conduct" with a pic of President Obama. How would you folks have felt if someone had put up a billboard with a pic of Bush with this caption? "Nazi by Conduct"? Outraged, right?

    Show some respect to the office of the President. You are embarrassing THIS native Texan greatly.


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